Day 6

Today is weigh-in and measurement taking day!  I know it’s not actually been a full week since starting the diet and noting down my weight and vital statistics, but it is a weekend day and therefore doesn’t have to be done first thing before heading off to work.  Also, it will be daylight which makes reading the tape measure that bit easier!

And so onto the scales, holding my breath to see what the little dial will say.  Yay, my weight is 200 lbs this morning.  Next it’s the body fat monitor which tells me my body fat is 48.7% and BMI 34.2.  So a good result so far with a drop in weight of 6 lbs!

I’ve managed to end up with a cold this weekend (why over the weekend, when I’m not at work?) and this has made me slightly less enthusiastic about the diet.  Don’t get me wrong, I haven’t strayed, but feeling a bit under the weather always makes me want mugs of hot chocolate and comfort fool like bowls of rice pudding.  But no, these are not allowed!  Instead, yesterday’s lunch was a chicken soup (supposed to be good for colds!), with chunky vegetables and chicken in a clear broth.  Warm, comforting and full of antioxidants to fight off the nasty germs.

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