Day 3

Today, I feel as if I’m getting into the swing of this diet.  This has been helped by having a protein item for breakfast – it kind of sets you up better for the day ahead.

I have had a rotten day at work and I’m pleased and proud to say I haven’t deviated from the diet.  Well, maybe a teeny, tiny bit as I’ve had two cups of tea.  Yes, I know, that’s a bit of a shocker but I do drink my tea without milk and sugar so I feel it’s not too much of a mis-step from the diet path.  Normally, I would have reached for the chocolate on a rough work day but I stayed firm and resisted both the birthday cakes and someone kindly trying to buy me a sandwich for lunch to make me feel better.

Today’s lunch was soup.  Rather than face another salad (salads are fine but not all that inviting, I find), we took the opportunity to make soup with vegetables from the allowed list.  The soup would usually be made using chicken stock but to stay true to the diet, we just used water instead.  The result was fine: maybe not quite the usual depth of flavour but certainly a good way of cooking and eating the allowed veggies.  And, of course, soup is ideal for taking to work on a cold, frosty day providing you have a thermos flask.

One downside of this diet is that the cooking methods of the vegetables are limited to steaming or microwaving – or you can eat them raw.  This is, in my view, somewhat restrictive and not very interesting after a couple of days.  Hence the soup mentioned above.  So for dinner, we’re having our vegetables stir-fried.  This is taking the fact that oil and vinegar is allowed as salad dressing and extrapolating the use of oil to cooking.  Stir frying doesn’t use much oil anyway and it definitely add flavour and interest to a meal.

So apart from taking a bit of licence with a couple of things, on the whole, it’s going OK.

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