Day 1

Well the day has arrived.  It’s time to start the diet and give it a serious go.  And to mark the beginning of the 3 Week Diet, the morning started with a grand weigh in and measuring session.

3 week diet starting weight 14st 10lbs

Starting Weight – 14st 10 lbs

First up was standing on the scales: a very scary 14 stone 10 pounds – ie a total of 206 lbs!  And then on to measuring the percentage body fat and BMI figures.  These results were mega scary!  It turns out that I am 50% fat with a BMI of 35.1 so I think it’s fair to say there’s room for improvement.  Finally, out with the tape measure to note down the figures for waist, hips, thighs and biceps.  All in all, if ever a girl needed an incentive to get going with a diet, then it was seeing all the results written down.

The meal plan for the day is not all that inspiring I have to say.  We are limited to eating from a restricted list of vegetables but it is the first day and so the will power is holding firm coupled with a determination not to fail at the first hurdle.

No protein or carbohydrate allowed today, just the veggies.  So we decide to have some microwaved for breakfast, salads during the day and then something hot again in the evening.  Dinner was a variation on the theme of stuffed peppers.  No rice (obviously) or mince, but the sauce made with onions, garlic, and chopped tomatoes when combined with zucchini and mushrooms made for a tasty filling for the peppers.  In fact, I didn’t really miss the meat one might more commonly have used.

It is true to say that we could have eaten more vegetables to try and assuage the hunger pangs.  But, to be honest, I decided that I wasn’t hungry enough to chow down another bowl of salad without anything interesting added to it.  There’s a limit to how much cabbage and broccoli I want to eat in any one day.

For me, I think one of the hardest “rules” to obey is that the only drink allowed is water.  I do drink water regularly but it wouldn’t be my first choice, especially not first thing in the morning.  Tea is my hot drink habit – black, strong and sugar free.

So, overall, what’s the verdict on today?  Well, I did feel hungry and spent parts of the day with my tummy gurgling away like anything.  But I think that what kept me going was knowing that this was the first day only and that some protein items would be allowed the next day.  That, and admitting failure within the first 24 hours was not even to be thought of.  After all, who can’t spend one day a bit hungry?

If you want to join me and see how the 3 Week Diet works for you, you can get it here or see how I got on on Day 2