The Glutton’s Diet

Best for:  People who like to eat
Calorie counting:  No
Meal plans included:  No
Exercise required:  Recommended
Online community:  No
Cost: $9.95
Trial offer:  No
Money back guarantee: 60 days

The Glutton’s Diet came about when Dean discovered that he lost weight during a business trip to China during which he ate 20 course banquets and drank amazing amounts of wine.  Well overweight, he assumed that the feasting would have a bad effect on the readout of the scales.  Only, he was wrong!  He was so amazed by this that he spent the next year researching why this had happened and augmenting the effect by applying some simple psychological principles to his daily eating habits.

How does it work?

The Glutton’s Diet is essentially a form of low carb diet where “white carbs” such as rice, pasta, bread and cakes are excluded.  However, its main focus is on eating enough of the right foods so that you feel full – after all, Dean has subtitled his book “Eat, Drink and Get Slim”.  It is designed to be sustainable with tasty and enjoyable food and will help you to change how you think about food.

What about exercising?

Although this diet program doesn’t require exercise – in fact Dean says “you can even sit at a desk 60 hours a week and still achieve the body you want” – it is recommended that you should exercise for the right reasons.  The right reasons being to tone up, to be healthy, to relieve depression and for fun!

Who is it good for?

Dean’s diet is good for anyone who doesn’t want to be a martyr to weight loss.  It’s great for anyone who enjoys their food and doesn’t want to have to commit to a heavy gym program in order to lose weight and slim down.

It’s designed to provide a sustainable way of life so that you don’t feel deprived and don’t have to calorie count.

Why buy this particular program?

The Gluttons Diet is a really well written book.  Written in a manner which immediately engages the reader so that they readily identify with Dean and realize that he understands the trials and tribulations of being overweight.  This gives you confidence in what he has to say.  You know straightaway that he’s speaking from the heart and that he’s undergone a transformation he wants to share with others.  And at a very reasonable cost.

You can also subscribe to Dean’s private email list to receive free customer only content and updates.

What’s in the box?

The Glutton’s Diet is a straightforward ebook with no added extras so everything about the diet program is in the one place.

How’s it delivered?

The Glutton’s Diet is an ebook or electronic book and so is delivered to you immediately upon payment.  It is in standard pdf or Kindle format and is available for immediate download following payment.

And the cost?

The total cost is a single payment of $9.95.  And there are no follow on costs, just a one off payment up front.

Any money back guarantee?

As payment is made via ClickBank there is a no quibble money back guarantee of 60 days.

How do I sign up for the Glutton’s Diet?

You can buy this diet program from the Glutton’s Diet official website.  Just follow the link, scroll down to the bottom of the page and you will find the “Add to Cart” button.