The Beta Switch

Best for: Women
Calorie counting:  No
Meal plans included:  N/A
Exercise required:  Recommended
Online community: Yes
Cost: $19
Money back guarantee: 60 days

The Beta Switch is a lifelong solution to stubborn lower body fat.  A weight loss plan all about activating your body’s “beta switches” to convert the trapped fat that has accumulated in those pesky female trouble spots into fat burning mode.  Those stubborn areas peculiar to women where it’s just so difficult to get rid of fat – for example on your thighs, bum and even the backs of your arms (bingo wings anyone?).  The Beta Switch states that you can reverse the metabolic process which makes shedding fat from these stubborn areas so tricky.

Why specially for women?

The Beta Switch is designed by a woman, Sue Heintze, for women.  Sue says that popular female diets are, in fact, too strict and that they cause fat to be trapped in those “trouble” spots.  This weight loss plan is the product of years of research into the specific weight loss challenges unique to women.  Women’s biology is different from men’s and this weight loss system works with that difference rather than applying a generic program to both men and women.

How does it work?

This program works with your body at the cellular level.  Essentially, everyone has adrenoreceptors which react with the hormone, adrenaline, and which either encourage the storage of fat or the release of fat.  Everyone (both men and women) have two types of adrenoreceptors, beta adrenoreceptors and alpha adrenoreceptors.  If the beta receptors are “switched” on, then fat burning is triggered whereas if the alpha receptors are on, then fat is stored, particularly in those lower body areas.

Research has shown that women have 9 times as many alpha receptors as beta receptors in their lower body fat deposits.  So stubborn lower body fat is not your fault.

The Beta Switch program works to “turn on” the beta adrenoreceptors so that body fat is released or burned rather than stored in those awkward deposits around your bum, thighs and tum.  It is a 12 week nutrition and lifestyle program which turns on the beta receptors.

The program

  • shows you the kick start 6 day diet plan that straightaway switches on your fat burning metabolism
  • supplies you with a list of fruit, vegetables, fats and proteins which will activate your fat burning beta switch
  • gives you a quick, easy trick to identify the exact portions of food you need to maximise weight loss for your body type
  • advises which alcoholic drinks you can still have – and which ones to avoid as they will ruin your weight loss
  • identifies 4 herbal extracts along with a naturally occurring oil that prevent activation of the alpha receptors which promote fat storage
  • is a proven, science based weight loss lifestyle that guarantees to deliver safe and lasting results.

What about exercising?

In addition to the nutrition plan, your purchase includes a bonus of the Beta Switch Workout System to optimise the fat burning.  This is a 3 phase, 12 week, women only exercise program which dovetails beautifully with the nutrition plan. Every exercise has detailed instruction including video demonstrations so you can make sure you are doing each exercise correctly and to maximum effect.

What’s in the box?

Your Beta Switch program contains the following:

  • The Beta Switch Main Manual.

Along with these bonus items:

  • the Beta Switch Workout System which is a 3 phase, 12 week workout program designed specially for women and, importantly, to activate your fat-burning Beta Adrenoreceptors and thus work in sync with the Beta Switch program
  • the 5 Day Tummy Tuck providing a safe and efficient way to lose weight quickly from your tummy area so you can look good for a special event
  • a Boost Your Body Image Report to help you see the real you when looking in the mirror
  • Sue Heintze’s Mind Over Matter, a book in which Sue shares some simple rules to give you some powerful tricks for your mind and emotions to make the transformation of you body and health both easy and fun
  • 1 month’s free VIP membership of Sue’s Tight n”Toned Club where you will enjoy the support of like-minded women.  An online community where recipes, diet tips and new workouts are shared along with access to resources and articles to help you with your weight loss journey.  This is the space in which Sue answers questions personally and gets involved in coaching calls with members of the Club.

How’s it delivered?

Your weight loss program is delivered to you electronically so that you have immediate access to all Beta Switch resources.

And the cost?

The whole program currently sells at $19 including the bonus items listed above.

Any money back guarantee?

Indeed there is.  If you are not completely satisfied with the Beta Switch you simply need to send an email for a 100% refund.  And this guarantee is in place for 60 days after you have purchased this program.

How do I sign up for the Beta Switch Weight Loss Program?

Having had a look at our Beta Switch Review, you can find out more and buy the program from the official website.  Once you have purchased the program, you will be sent details of how to access the Tight n”Toned Club.  Please note that only the first month’s access to this online Club is free with Sue’s offer – if you don’t want to continue membership and pay $79 a month ongoing, you will need to cancel your membership at the end of the first month.