Weight Loss Plans

To help you find the weight loss plan that’s best for you, we’ve reviewed some of the most popular weight loss programs available today.  We’ve looked at who each diet is aimed at – some are designed specially with women in mind, some are best for men, some for those who really don’t want to be hungry whilst losing weight and some are better likely to suit those who really don’t want to exercise!

Links are provided to the home websites of each of the products so if you decide to give a particular program a shot or simply want to find out more information, you can just click through.  You’ll find that most of the home pages include a video (usually on auto-play) which gives you an overview and introduction to the diet plan – sometimes these can be quite lengthy and, dare I say, quite wordy!  So where we’ve found a short cut to the detail on the web page, we’ve shared this with you for those occasions when you don’t have time to sit and pay attention to a long video.

The Beta Switch is a diet designed for women with “problem” areas.  It makes metabolic changes that cause fat trapped in those difficult to shift areas (such as bums and tums) to be burnt.

The Venus Factor is a very popular solution designed especially for women.  It is a whole “system” which includes exercises designed for women to complement the eating plan.  Testimonials from real women are included and the presentation on the product website includes women explaining how the Venus Factor achieved the right results for them.

The 3 Week Diet is a new diet designed to produce fast fat loss and rapid weight reduction.  Followers of this diet program will burns fat and see a weight loss of between 12 and 21 lbs in just 21 days.  I have been having a go at this diet myself and I can tell you: it works!  I have been keeping a blog with my thoughts on how it’s going and progress so far so do dip in and see how I have got on.

People who like their food and hate to be hungry should take a look at The Glutton’s Diet.  This is a straightforward diet which is very well written and engaging to read.  It’s a good option for anyone who wants to lose weight but not eat like a sparrow!